Available Sizes

  • 264 eggs, 440 eggs, 880 and 1056 eggs capacities.
  • The machine requires small floor space, less electricity and the price is affordable
  • It is best choice for middle and small scale farms.
  • It has micro computer intelligent controlling system and is extremely user friendly.
  • Power consumption is 100 to 500 watts.


  • Automatic egg turning after every one and half hours
  • Self regulating temperature of 38 degrees
  • Self regulating humidity of 60%

Important to get started

  • Fill the water basin with water
  • Remove the setter trays from the incubator machine and arrange your fertilized eggs in the setter trays – they should be arranged with the sharp end facing downwards.
  • Place the trays in the incubator machine and close the door
  • Put on the power plug button – The incubator machine will start running
  • You will be required to be checking the water level in the water basin every 3 days and replenish if necessary – the water level should be above the heating coils always.
  • Remove the eggs from the setting tray on the 18th day and put them in the hatching tray, this is to prevent the aggs from hatching in the setting trays as the chicks may fall down which is dangerous.
  • The eggs can start hatching on the 20th day.
  • When the eggs hatch, let the chicks stay in the incubator machine for about 12 hours to allow them to dry up.
  • Then you can remove and pack them in cartons (should you wish to transport them) or put them in the brooder  area.